We are the fearless players

EXSHO built an international team that offers the best expertise, bringing together people from many countries such as Taiwan, Italy and mainland China. Creating successful work groups is essential to create an all-new bike forks brand, and we rely on the most promising workforce from around the world. We’re born with the funding goal of becoming the most reliable partner of all riders, and when it comes to race, we aim to be their reference brand for any competition. Top Production Skills For over 10 years, we are focused on manufacturing high-quality bike suspension, and we have already proven our marketing skills and our capability in R&D, automation intelligence, and mass production. With the goal of making innovative products, we constantly invest in research and development, and we are committed to creating products that meet both fun and performance, satisfying different needs.

Service commitment

We strongly believe that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Big achievements are made through concrete actions, and in fact, we meet players’ needs by taking the first step towards them, ensuring a strong brand presence and consumer support. We are building lifelong relationships with our players, promoting joy in each of their rides with a sustainable approach. Our core values are integrity, gratitude, knowledge, innovation, and a win-win attitude, thus enabling us to bring the possibility for outstanding riding to our ever-growing family of players.



The air suspension fork uses 7075 aluminum alloy stanchion, the steer tube is made of 7075 material (lightweight aviation grade), and the open air suspension system is convenient for end consumers to maintain and maintain; the magnesium alloy outer tube uses a bearing-type sliding sleeve to allow the fork In the process of exercise, it is more smooth. The open air suspension system have a positive air chamber and a negative air chamber. When the fork is riding, the shock absorption effect is good. The rebound rate is moderate.


The aluminum crown and the stanchion are assembled, and the aluminum shoulder and the riser are assembled, and the semi-automatic pressing is used. During the pressing process, the pressure value is displayed on the machine. If the product exceeds the lower limit and the upper limit during the pressing process. Limit value, the machine will automatically alarm, prevent a defective product from flowing into the next project, and ensure product quality.


Lightweight magnesium alloy lower leg, CNC machined sliding sleeve size, with bearing-type sliding sleeve, the fork suspension performance more smoothly.


The thru axle is made of 7075 aviation aluminum, which is hollow in the middle to reduce weight; the nut has a marked torque requirement to prevent the rider from using too much force to damage the thread.


The locking and shock absorber structure is our newly developed technology.


Lightweight, high-strength aluminum alloy 7075 color can be customized of stanchion.


High-strength aluminum alloy fixed seat, unique Italian design knob appearance.